Choosing a good bathroom mirror is critical because it will not only make your daily routine easier, but it will also increase the value of your bathroom by making it a more stylish space. If you want a colorful mirror that will instantly make your bathroom look elegant, an LED mirror may be what you need. Why, even though it is more expensive than regular mirrors, has it become a popular bathroom mirror choice for every household today?

 Awandee provide Front mirror lights in three colors: warm, white, and cold; backlight mirror Pink, red, green, blue, colorful, warm light, white light, and cold light are the eight colors available. total There are 11 dimmable colors available for you to change the background color to suit your mood at any time. To ensure the success of this research and development, we have applied for a patent. Simultaneously, we will continue to optimize and upgrade our bathroom mirror with lights in order to provide people with a positive life experience.

Here are the top four advantages of RGB LED mirrors that may persuade you to install one in your bathroom:

  • Increasing your daily mood

Having a well-kept bathroom is unquestionably important because it is where you begin and end each day, thus setting the tone for the rest of your day. A bathroom with great design and aesthetic appeal will put you in a good mood and allow you to start your day without any worries or stress. In this regard, an LED mirror is unquestionably a necessary component that you can have to add a sophisticated touch to your bathroom and ultimately help add color to your day. Awandee provides 8 RGB color backlit mirror modes+3 front light LED mirror modes.

  • Adding elegance to your bathroom

You can now easily transform your bathroom into an elegant space that will inspire your friends and visitors! Simply by adding an LED RGB mirror! It's the simplest way to instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom, making it more sophisticated and luxurious. Yes, imagine your friends dropping by such a stylish and "shiny" bathroom - they will definitely have a better image of you by discovering you to be a person of good taste. We have RGB Color Mirror (36x24 Inch). Size also available is 32 inch mirror for bathroom.

  • Mold-prevention anti-fogging agent

Moisture in the bathroom can often cause a slew of "issues," one of which is the progress of molds in the mirror, which can wreak havoc on the bathroom's overall hygiene and appearance. Fortunately, such a problem is avoidable if one chooses an LED mirror over a standard bathroom mirror. This is because Awandee LED mirrors have an anti-fog feature that prevents moisture from accumulating around the mirror, reducing the possibility of mold growth.

  • 11 Dimming RGB Mirror Modes

Front mirror lights 3 color schemes light, white light, cold light; backlight mirror 8 color combinations, red, green, blue, colorful, warm light, white light, cold There will be 11 dimmable colors for you to adjust the background color you like at any time according to your mood.At the very same time, we will continue to optimize and upgrade our Mirrors bring people a good life experience.

  • Mirror with Stepless Dimming

Two LED light strips are built into the Awandee Home LED luminous bathroom mirror. The backlit mirror illuminates the RGB light. After turning on the mirror switch button, you can freely change the color by touching the mirror button within 15 seconds. The warm, white, and cold light emitted from the front of the illuminating mirror are sufficiently bright. The color temperature ranges between 3000-6000K. At any time, long press the button to adjust the brightness from 10% to 100%.

  • Three touch buttons.

Our mirrors have three touchable buttons, whereas most mirrors on the market have only two.We will provide a three-year warranty for Awandee Home residential LED lighted mirrors, thanks to newly improved packaging. If you have any issues, please contact us at any time; we will provide you with satisfactory service.

If you want to create an ideal master suite or modernize your current one, adding a led bathroom mirror with RGB lighting could be just what you need. These advantages will help you understand why these low-cost innovations are ideal for any home with limited space and a limited budget. We use led lights in mirrors because they are energy-efficient and will save you money on maintenance costs, such as replacing bulbs on a regular basis. They're also great for safety; if you have small children who might wander into a dimly lit bathroom, installing led lights will ensure they can see where they're going. They also add style.