How to Choose the Best lighted LED Bathroom Mirror

Most individuals don't give much thought to their bathroom mirrors. They serve as a decorative feature that isn't usually given much thought. Therefore, because bathroom mirrors are utilized on a daily basis, more individuals should look into them. A mirror not only makes everyday grooming easier, but the correct mirror can also bring flair and personality to a bathroom.

A mirror is easy to ignore. After all, we see so many other objects reflected in the mirror before we see the mirror itself. A good mirror, on the other hand, is an essential component of many spaces, particularly the bathroom. There are several possibilities for size, style, and shape, so I've put together this guide to help you put things into perspective and choose the perfect bathroom mirror.

Installing a new mirror is also far less difficult than replacing a sink, toilet, or shower. A bathroom mirror may match other furnishings to provide more of your preferred style. Regardless of your preference, this article will assist you in selecting the ideal bathroom mirror.

How to Choose the Best LED bathroom mirror

  • Before we get into the specifics of mirror features, we'd like to give some pointers for selecting the best bathroom mirror. Each of these suggestions will assist you in achieving the desired look in your bathroom. Above important, keep in mind that the mirror must appeal to you because you will be the one utilizing it every day.
  • Consider the sink size, your personal height, and wall space - When selecting a bathroom mirror, the glass should be a few inches above eye level for the tallest individual using the bathroom. It should also hang low enough so that shorter people can see themselves in the mirror.
  • Small mirrors, huge mirrors, and mirrors in between all provide something unique - Many people prefer small mirrors over large mirrors, although any may do the job. A huge mirror provides greater reflection area and may make a small bathroom appear larger. A smaller mirror frees up space for additional décor pieces like as lamps and sconces. Here are some different size of Awandee mirror.
  • 20 x 28 Bathroom mirror
  • 28 x 32 bathroom mirror
  • 36 x 36 lighted mirror
  • 48 x 36 bathroom mirror
  • 72 inch bathroom mirror
  • 72x32 mirrors
  • 84 inch vanity mirror
  • 84 inch wall mirror

Remember to choose between framed and unframed mirrors. Another decision to make is whether to utilize a framed or frameless mirror. If you desire a spa-like ambience, frameless mirrors give a clean, sleek aesthetic that is more contemporary. Mirrors with frames add interest and may fill up a room.

Choosing the Best Bathroom Mirror Size

In most situations, the size of a bathroom mirror is governed by the size of the vanity. Mirrors are normally two to four inches narrower than vanitys, although this might vary depending on the design and arrangement of your area. You can opt to hang a mirror down the full length of a long, narrow vanity or something smaller that is just located over the sink.

To ensure that the bathroom mirror you purchase meets your requirements, size the sink or vanity and use that information to narrow down your options. While most people prefer a mirror that is smaller than a vanity, this is not required. Some individuals pick mirrors that are the same size as the vanity, but it's preferable not to go much larger.

Another consideration is if your mirror will double as a medicine cabinet. If so, your options will be limited, and you'll need to consider how much room your bandages, prescriptions, and other stuff will take up. The mirror should be large enough to accommodate everything you require.

Is it better to hang one or two mirrors above a double vanity?

If you have a large bathroom vanity, particularly one with two or more sinks, you may be debating whether to hang a single large mirror or two smaller mirrors for each sink. There is no clear and fast rule either way. It all comes down to personal preference and bathroom arrangement. Using two smaller, maybe taller mirrors can make the room appear to have more vertical space, but a single huge mirror makes the entire room appear larger since it reflects more of the bathroom. Remember that even if you just have one sink, you may utilize many mirrors throughout the bathroom if you prefer the aesthetic.

With this knowledge at your access, you may confidently select the ideal bathroom mirror! Of course, if you want more assistance, the Awandee Mirrors staff is pleased to assist you! Check out our portfolio for a diverse range of high-quality, flexible bathroom mirrors for any style of bathroom.