Why Awandee mirrors make the bathroom so much brighter?

Why are Awande bathroom mirrors so bright?

In order to make the bathroom have good lighting, Awandee bathroom mirrors are designed with double-layer light strips to enhance the makeup effect.

 Double-layer light strip, double-sided light transmission

    Two built-in LED light strips emit twice as much light from the back and front. Backlight and headlamps, provide more light, with three color tempertures, warm (3000K), natural (4000K) and white (6000K).


      Special light source for new line lights, high-quality super bright, special for mirrors

        When selection of LED strips, the new 2835 high-quality mirror-specific LED strips are used. There are 192 LED strips per meter, which is about 60% higher than the number of ordinary LED strips (120). If you compare the same size of LED strips In the whole mirror, the total number of lamp beads is increased by 320% (192*2/120=320%). Therefore Awandee bathroom mirror will be brighter.